Digital Repositories and OceanDocs

CANCELLED. OTGA-NSU Training Course: Information Runs Deep: Digital Repositories and OceanDocs

12 - 15 December 2016, Dania Beach, United States

Digital repositories are the backbone of the Open Access Movement and over the years they have grown from supporting only research literature to encompassing data, and multimedia etc. and often have become an organizations' holistic digital asset management tool.  Many have implemented their own institutional repository but often, due to constraints like funding and IT support, alternate routes for exposing research outcomes have included contributing to a free and open global digital repository. This course will explore important repository aspects and address issues faced by those intending or implementing and managing their own repository.  As another option, an open, free, secure, permanent marine science thematic repository (OceanDocs) will be used to demonstrate and offer participants the opportunity to join the OceanDocs Community of depositors and users.  Practical exercises will be included.

Learning Outcomes
- Understand the role of repositories in the Open Access Movement (OA)
- Ability to outline the decision making process in repository implementation
- Knowledge of repository related copyright
- Develop repository advocacy
- Appreciate the changing roles of Information Managers
- Practical experience of contributing to a free, secure  global marine science repository

Location Nova Southeastern University (NSU), Florida, USA
Dania Beach Florida
United States
Notes Please apply online using the link :

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Group(s): Capacity Development
Label(s): IODE training course
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