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February 2017

21 - 24
SG-OTGA-III: 3rd Session of the IODE Steering Group for the OceanTeacher Global Academy Project
Attendance by invitation
Oostende, Belgium
27 Feb - 10 Mar
OTGA-POGO-AWI: Ocean Data Management Training Course
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to a wide variety of earth science datasets, formats and analysis software. Students will learn...
Attendance by invitation
Helgoland, Germany
27 Feb - 3 Mar
OTGA-OBIS: Curso Administración de Datos Biogeográficos Marinos (Contribuyendo al Uso de OBIS
Attendance by invitation
Merida, Mexico

March 2017

6 - 10
OTGA-INCOIS : OTGA-INCOIS: Training Course: Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services
Overview This course will demonstrate the data resources available from operational program. The focus will be on operational activities, how to...
Attendance by invitation
Hyderabad, India
7 - 9
BBNJ-SIDS: WORKSHOP SIDS Capacity-Development Aspects in the BBNJ PREPCOM
As a contribution to a fruitful third Preparatory Committee on marine biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction to be held in...
Attendance by invitation
Oostende, Belgium    
Women in Oceanograhy: virtual conference: Women in Oceanography: A virtual conference in honor of International Women's Day
A virtual conference with a panel made of 4 female marine scientists from different fields (i.e. marine biology, physical oceanography, marine...
Open attendance
Paris cedex 07, France    
15 - 17
MSP2017: 2nd International Conference on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning
Conference jointly organized by IOC-UNESCO and the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission
Attendance by invitation
Paris, France    
27 - 31
IODE-XXIV: 24th Session of the IODE Committee
Attendance by invitation
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

April 2017

17 - 20
10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference: dvancing Ocean Knowledge, Fostering Sustainable Development: from the Indo-Pacific to the Globe
Open attendance
Qingdao, China    
24 - 25
International Marine Science Conference - IOCARIBE 35th Anniversary
The main objective of the Conference is demonstrate to governments and to the general public, the value and importance of the IOCARIBE...
Open attendance
Cartagena, Colombia    
26 - 28
SC-IOCARIBE-XIV: Fourteenth Session of the IOC (of UNESCO) Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions IOCARIBE
Attendance by invitation
Cartagena, Colombia    

May 2017

3 - 5
IPHAB-XIII: Thirteenth Session of the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms
Paris, France    

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